Bond Q & A

Why is a Bond Issue Necessary?​
North Adams Jerome Schools strives to provide the best for our students and community members alike.  Our sinking fund is only .69 mils (2nd lowest in Hillsdale County), far less than what it would cost to make these happen.  The last bond was in 1990.  Our MS/HS roof is at the end of it’s life cycle.  The district heating system is outdated, inefficient, and needs replaced.  We could purchase a fleet of buses over the next 25 years, rather then leasing, saving the district approximately $65,000 – $75,000 annually.

​Who will all benefit from the 2020 bond?​

YOU and every student, as well as the surrounding community members will benefit from the proposed bond amount.  Adding real world curriculum like home economics, auto shop, and wood shop would instill trades in the students that they could later turn into businesses within the community, adding an outdoor community track and indoor fitness center would allow the community safe places to exercise, purchasing our own source of transportation, rather than leasing, would save the school money, allowing those funds to be placed back into the school, and this is just the tip of the benefits this bond would have overall!

Will this bond be used for salaries?  
No. Bond proceeds CANNOT pay for the following:

– Professional or support staff salaries or benefits
– General operating expenses and maintenance
– Classroom supplies and textbooks
– Administration

What building and property improvements would be made?
– Heating system for entire district
– Replace flooring for entire district
– Renovations to the bathrooms
– New lockers with combination locks in high school hallways
– Air handling units for HS gym, multi-purpose room, and computer labs
– Pave driveways near softball and football field
– Door replacement for all classrooms

What would change in our academic programming?
We would offer new programs such as wood shop, auto shop, and home economics, alongside our current agri-science program. These classes would help our students increase practical, lifelong skills. We would create an Elementary STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Laboratory as well.

How would security be affected?
– New secure entryways
– Lighting improvements around the exterior of campus
– New windows

What changes would our transportation department see?
– Renovations to the bus garage
– Purchases our own fleet of buses (rather than leasing) over the span of 25 years (saving the district approximately $65,000 – $75,000 annually)

What would change in extra-curricular activity programing?
– New elementary playground equipment
– Outdoor community track
– Athletic complex lighting
– New bleachers in HS gymnasium
– Cardio/Fitness room
– New scoreboards for HS gym, softball field, and multi-purpose room
– Outdoor restroom facility and ball fields
– Current weight room converted into a wrestling/cheer room

Why is this important to NAJ?
In order to protect the community’s past investment in our school district, the bond program, if approved, would provide facility improvements that support teaching and learning, improve safety and security, and upgrade operational efficiencies including heating and electrical. It is the intent of the District and the Board of Education to maintain and develop quality programs and facilities in order to attract and retain students. We have increased our student population by 70 over the past two and a half years, and we believe this will continue by offering a great mix of academics, athletics, and real world practical learning opportunities.

What process was used to develop this bond request?
Surveys and discussions in open forums were the primary communication points.

What will it cost?
More information on the taxes can be found here: here.